Puppy Bowl VIII Announces Starting Lineup

Photo by: Kim Holcomb
Breed: Pit Bull mix.

Cuteness alert, code red! If you aren't a fan a watching 300-pound men pummel each other in the name of gridiron glory, Animal Planet is airing Puppy Bowl VIII on Sunday, February 5. The fur begins to fly at 3 p.m. sharp (unless the puppies are napping).

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Puppy Bowl is held in a miniature stadium where, this year, 58 canine athletes will tug chew toys, splash in water bowls, and bonk their noses into the various doggie cams. The puppies are all from shelters and a veterinary staff is present to ensure safety and that animal welfare standards are adhered to.

This year, "Meep," social media guru for the avian set, will be tweeting from the sidelines. A new referee, Dan Schachner, will be watching out for "unnecessary ruff, ruff, ruff-ness." As always, the kittens will try to steal the show at halftime.

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