Frances Bean Cobain offers reward for missing cat

Frances Bean Cobain is hoping the search for her lost feline turns up zero – or rather "Zero," Cobain's little black cat, who went missing June 3. The cat may have bolted thanks to the recent addition of a puppy to the household, but Cobain, 19, has been doing all the right things in order to find the little runaway, including searching her West Hollywood, CA neighborhood with the help of her fiancé Isaiah Silva; posting flyers with the kitten's picture on them; and using social media to enlist the help of local Twitter followers.

She's even offering a five-thousand-dollar reward to anyone who finds the little fuzzball, whom Cobain says she's raised from the age of just four weeks.

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The daughter of troubled rocker Courtney Love and late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain apparently tweeted last week, "So pls if u see a black cat w/ a little patch of white in her chest wandering around the Hollywood/weho area call the # on her tag.5k reward." Cobain also said she loves Zero more than she loves herself, adding, "Only things I love more r my fiancé & grams. That cat is my best friend as pathetic as it sounds."

When a Twitter follower rudely questioned the amount of the reward, wondering if Zero had diamonds up her patoot, Cobain snapped, "No diamonds, she just has my heart. U can buy cats but you can’t buy love. And you can’t buy a sh**ty personality. Clearly." (Cobain did tweet at one point that she wished her other cat, "whose [sic] an old grouchy bitch," had wandered off instead, so maybe there's more than one nasty personality in play here.)

Cobain has taken a restraining order out against her estranged mother in the past, and did so in part because, she claimed, Love caused the untimely deaths of her previous pets, both feline and canine. Court documents asserted that the cat got trapped in Love's hoards of trash, while the dog OD'd on prescription pills. It's obviously a sensitive topic for Cobain, who's apparently hoping to change her luck with pets; snitty remarks about the older cat aside, Cobain seems like a responsible pet parent (the cat is microchipped, according to the lost-cat poster), and we hope Zero turns up soon.

Stay tuned for updates on this story, and let us know what you think of the five-grand reward in the comments!

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