"Bo is really the most popular"

First Lady Michelle Obama met with a small group of women on Monday to discuss her Let's Move initiative -- and other topics like not eating the whole bag of chips; TV time for First Daughters Malia and Sasha; and "creating change" in our day-to-day lives. Shine Senior Editor Lylah M. Alphonse got the scoop on all that and more.

Lylah also passed along this official portrait of Mrs. Obama and First Dog Bo, the Portuguese Water Dog who joined the Obama family in 2009. (Lawrence Jackson is the photographer.) The First Lady talked about what inspired the photo, and the kids who write to her:

"I think you all are the first to officially receive this picture. It is me and Bo and we're in the garden. And one of the reasons we did this picture is because we get so many letters from kids, mostly, who -- they want to hear about the garden, they want to see it, and they also want to see Bo. Bo is really the most popular. So we decided to do this official picture that we could send to them when they write in. And we've heard so many great stories from kids who've been inspired and doing things like changing the way their families do things. And those letters are always just a joy to get. So we want to have something a little more tangible than just a letter to give to kids, because often it's the visual thing that makes it real."

Lylah also mentions that Mrs. Obama described Bo as a total pro at posing:

'She added that it was a "three-click shot" and that, even though there were helicopters coming in and plenty of people around, Bo was just "sitting there just like a little man. And it was like a hundred degrees out there, so he was sitting in the sun just going, 'Hey, am I done?'"'

Good dog!

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