Yearbook photos: Teach your kids not to get caught with their underwear down

Photo Credit: Getty Images
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Do you remember the anticipation of getting your school yearbook? The second the book hits kids' hands, they usually plant themselves on one spot while they comb through every single page. Times ten.

There's always an embarrassing photo (or two) that manages to make its way into the yearbook. An "embarrassing" photo usually equates to nothing more than a silly expression or someone caught at a dance in some ridiculous pose. Because usually, a school administrator is supervising yearbook production and won't allow students to be humiliated in print.

So I'm left wondering if someone missed the photo of the junior class at Sickles High School in Citrus Park, Florida before the book went to press. Because I imagine that someone would have noticed the girl in the front row whose crotch was exposed.

The 16-year-old girl's mom told that the girl didn't wear underwear on photo day because she didn't want "her panty lines to show." She also must have forgotten she wasn't sporting skivvies because if she had crossed her legs in the photo, her yearbook crisis would have been averted. (Um, or yeah, she could have just worn panties.)

The girl is mortified and her mom is letting her stay home from school so she doesn't have to face her peers, especially since the school is still issuing copies of the yearbook. Meanwhile the school says the picture isn't all that bad and that the girl's nether region isn't exposed. Also? They don't want anyone to talk about The Yearbook Scandal anymore.

Lesson learned: Parents, make sure your kids are dressed appropriately for school yearbook photos. Apparently, this now includes asking them if they are wearing underwear.

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