Worst Parent of the Week: Three-Year-Old Forgotten at Chuck E. Cheese’s

courtesy: Chuck E. Cheese's
courtesy: Chuck E. Cheese's

Chuck E. Cheese's, "where a kid can be a kid," especially if there are no grown-ups around. Shine's worst parent of the week award goes to three-year-old girl Harmony's unnamed mom who left her at the franchise in Bel Air, Maryland around 8 o'clock pm on Sunday, March 4, and didn't realize she was missing until she spotted her on the eleven o'clock news.

Reportedly, Harmony and her mother were at party of about ten kids and four adults at the restaurant, which began at 4 PM. When they left, the group forgot a little something…Harmony. Luckily, she had the nerve to approach a staff member and ask for something to drink, and when they realized she was unsupervised, the police were contacted. Deputies waited at Chuck E. Cheese's for about 90 minutes. When no one showed up to bring the girl home, they took her to a local precinct.

Police reached out to the media. Shortly after an image of Harmony was broadcast on the local television news, both of her parents, who share custody of the girl, called the precinct. No charges were filed since the incident was unintentional.

In the images that were posted online and on television, tot Harmony seems remarkably composed. It's a trait that will surely serve her well as she deals with what may not be the last little "oops" with her family.

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