User post: Mom Meltdown -- Is It Just Me????


I have 2 teenagers left at home (17 & 16). Last nite I had a major meltdown. I was yelling and screaming about how tired I was of all the stress I had to deal with. I let them know my so called family (them included) just didnt seem to acknowledge my feelings. I'm stressed out!!!!! I told them a week ago I needed some down time. I told them nothing extra that isnt an emergency PLZ...Obviously for me to have hit overload last nite I didnt get wat I asked for.
Last nite I went and had a few drinks and saw a movie to escape. Today i'm back control so I apologized. Sorry is just a word but I wanted to acknowledge that I knew my behavior was unacceptable. My daughters r still mad and thats fine (i would be too). The younger of the 2 wanted to express how I hurt her feelings. So I tried to listen but when she said that i wasnt supposed to get tired and stressed out my brain just shut down. She said I wasnt supportive of wat their (my girls) needs and feelings r. My older daughter said that I make her feel abandoned (like her father did) except I'm not physically leaving. I'M SO PISSED OFF I DON'T EVEN WANT TO LOOK AT THEM RITE NOW!
I spend my days, evenings, nites and wknds running for them. They change my schedule (life) on a whim. I do my best to pay for all the things they want not needs (within reason). I do VERY little for myself in the way of health, fun, material things, etc... I can't believe they cant give me some consideration. I cant believe they refuse to allow me to have feelings without making me feel bad for being human.
So, here's wat I desperately need to know.....Is this how other parents are treated by their teenagers or am I seriously over looking my own bad behavior????