Tips and Tricks for Halloween Face Painting Success


Source: Tips and Tricks For Halloween Face Painting Success

Along with wearing adorable Halloween costumes, this is the time of year for fun face paint. From cute kitties to scary monsters, doing your tot's face paint is easier than you think - with the right design, the face paint itself could be all the costume your tot needs. With a bit of patience and planning, you can pull off any of these amazing looks. Click through for tips, ideas, and must-have products for successful face painting this Halloween.

  • Face Painting Klutz Kit : Here's a great face paint kit ($25) that comes with a book full of fun and easy ideas. And it's the perfect size for taking to your lil one's school for quick touch-ups before class parties.

  • Stay Clear of the Eyes: Lil ones aren't used to having lots of stuff on their faces - especially around the eye area. For a cute animal look, start by creating a circle of color around the perimeter of your tot's face and blending toward the hairline. Use face paint pencils to add details and fill the rest of the face. This way if your lil one rubs her tired eyes, all won't be lost. Keep things safe for your tot by using all-natural face paints ($16) or try making your own natural face paint.

  • Buy Makeup Sponges: Your face paint kit probably came with a set of foam sponges, but to get perfectly blended face paint that doesn't look sticky, pick up a set of makeup sponges ($6). This way you'll be able to lightly color areas around your child's eyes and create beautifully blended colors just like you see in this look.

  • Add Some Bling: Older kids who are more comfortable with face paint will love the addition of body jewels ($7), which are inexpensive and give face paint a pop. To get this look, blend one color of face paint around your tot's eyes using a makeup sponge and then add the butterfly details using face paint pencils or a cotton swab pressed in paint. Peel the backing off the body jewels and adorn the edges of the design.

  • Invest in Extra Black: Most face paint kits come with the same amounts of each color, but it's a good idea to pick up extra black ($5). To get this look, section the face into areas of orange, yellow, and white using a makeup sponge to blend the colors back toward the hairline. Use a paintbrush or cotton swab to add the black details, creating an amazing-looking tiger.

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  • Make It Sparkle: This adorable look is made even better with the help of a dusting of glitter. Body glitter ($9) is a great addition to your face paint kit. For this look, use a makeup sponge to create the first circle of color around your child's eyes using one color. Then use a face paint pencil or paintbrush dipped in face paint to create the petals of the flower. Add touches of white and additional designs using a face paint pencil or paintbrush. Finish with a dusting of glitter and your child is ready for trick-or-treating.

  • Skeleton Halloween Make Up Set: Here's a set of all-natural face paint ($20) that comes with instructions for creating this spook-tacular look. If your lil one has sensitive skin, going with all-natural or organic face paint cuts

  • Extreme Face Painting: 50 Friendly and Fiendish Step-by-Step Demos: Want step-by-step guaranteed successful instruction for face painting? Then this is the book for you. With 50 ideas for fun face painting, Extreme Face Painting ($25) has detailed picture directions and tips for making your child's face painting perfect.

  • Use Bold Colors: Not only is this lovely girl rocking some amazing face paint, but her eyes also really pop due to the use of bold colors. Don't be afraid of really layering on the face paint to create saturated areas of bright hues next to each other.

  • Keep It Simple: If you are still feeling a bit overwhelmed but your lil one really wants a touch of Halloween face paint, keep it simple. Add a painted mustache, paint a small shape on the side of your child's face that works with her outfit, or draw on some whiskers for a fun touch.

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