Are You a Tiger Parent? Pros & Cons of Strict Parenting

By Amy Chua | genConnect

Amy Chua, best-selling author and Professor of Law at Yale, typically writes about globalization and foreign policy. But in a "moment of crisis" after her teenage daughter rebelled, Chua decided to put pen to paper on a different topic --parenting. Her book,Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother,highlights the rewards-and costs-of raising her children using the strict "Chinese" tiger-style approach.

Watch our interview here with Chua on how to combine the best of Eastern and Western child-rearing styles.

Growing up with traditionally strict Chinese parents, Chua knows firsthand the differences between Eastern and Western parenting techniques. Although she is grateful and appreciative of her own strict upbringing, she believes there are takeaways from each culture.

"One thing that I think is great for western parents now is this instilling in young kids the ability to focus," Chua said. "Just a little more self discipline when they're very young because we live in this age of media bombardment...That the Asian cultures are very good at, instilling this kind of ability to focus."

Where the Eastern cultures excel in discipline, Western cultures are better at creativity, leadership and thinking outside the box, Chua said.

Chua took her observations and experiences and created a book that explores how the two cultures collide and shares stories and tips that parents of all ethnicities can relate to.

"For me, this tiger parenting thing has nothing to do with achievement or grades," Amy says. "It's about helping your child realize their potential - whatever it is. "

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About the author: Amy Chua is the John M. Duff Professor of Law at Yale Law School. She is also the author of parenting memoir,Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. Learn more about herhere.