Spanking Vs. Abuse: Is There a Difference?

Sandy, Jennifer and Linnette are three moms who admit to spanking their children. Sandy tells Anderson that there is a big difference between how she disciplines her daughters and the YouTube video of the Texas judge beating his 15-year-old daughter.

"There's a big difference between spanking disciplining and abusing," says Sandy. "That man made me nauseous. He was not disciplining, he was abusing that child."

Do you agree? Is there a difference between spanking and abuse?

An audience member and mother who works with battered children, questions the message spanking is sending to Sandy, Jennifer and Linnette's children -- all three women spank to discipline.

"At what point do you tell your daughter, it was okay for me to hit you, but it's not okay for a husband to hit you. Or do you expect them to grow up and think, sometimes I deserve it... sometimes I should be hit, sometimes I behaved wrong?"

Take a look at Sandy's heated response to this comment...

America's Supernanny, Deborah Tillman, shares her message of what parents need to know about spanking and the behavior they're teaching...