Sesame Street Hurricane Kit: Helping Kids Cope

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Preparing for a serious weather event can be especially stressful for children. Kids thrive on stability, and it can be upsetting to see parents and caregivers acting anxious and disrupting normal routines. It's also scary to witness the physical destruction caused by a storm and sad to leave treasured belongings behind in the case of an evacuation. Earlier this year, Sesame Street produced a series of videos geared toward helping kids feel safe during a hurricane or other natural disaster. Their website also offers tips for talking to kids as well as activities ideas for waiting out a storm. The video explains what a hurricane is and shows the whole Sesame Street gang banding together to assist and reassure each other. It's an excellent resource for parents who are feeling panicked and seeking a way to communicate with their kids without creating more anxiety. You can also visit the website of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network for even more detailed information on nurturing children during natural disasters.