Pros and Cons of Home Schooling

Home schooling
Home schooling

So you are thinking about home schooling your child. This is a big change, as your child is going from the traditional classroom learning to learning at home. Before you make such a big decision, you should sit down and think it through. To help you come to a decision, here are the pros and cons of home schooling.

The Pros of Home Schooling:

Spending Time Together.
Home schooling will give you and your child the chance to spend time together. You will not have to wait until they come home at three or four o'clock to find out how their day went. This is also a great opportunity to learn together!

Watch Your Child's Progress.
When you are teaching your child yourself, you can watch how he or she progresses. This will help you to get a first-hand look at your child's best subjects, and what he or she may need a little extra help in. This way you can get them any help they need on specific topics, as well as seeing how they are learning.

Work At His or Her Own Pace.
Since your child is doing his or her school work at home, they can work at their own pace. Children are all different, and some learn different. This gives your child the chance to learn and work in a pace he or she is comfortable with. But keep in mind, you will still need to complete a full school year.

The Cons of Home Schooling:

Schooling to Unschooling.
Going from traditional classroom schooling to unschooling can actually be hard on some children. There is both a change in the schedule and environment, as well as the way they have someone teaching them. Children will need to get used to the change in their learning.

Lack of a Social Life?
When you are teaching your child at home, he or she will not be around their peers. This may put a damper in making new friends or seeing the friends they currently have. So if you do decide to home school your child, try to enroll them in classes and clubs that spark their interests. You should also try taking them to the playground after school or during the weekend. Some local libraries and other locations will even have events for those who home school. This will help your child to meet other children and make new friends. You should also be sure to allow your child to keep in touch with their friends from school.

It May Become Frustrating.

Home school can become frustrating. Some children do begin to think since they are home, they can play instead of work. They may end up giving you trouble when it is time to work. Then there are some parents and children who have difficulties learning and teaching together. All of this can become frustrating for both the children and adults. Try to come up with a method of learning and a schedule that works for the both of you. Remember, you can be flexible as you are the teacher!

This list of the pros and cons of home schooling is only meant to aid you in making a decision to home school. In the end, only you will know if this is the right decision for you and your family. If you find you are not happy with your decision (either way), you can always put your child back in school or pull them out to begin home schooling. Make sure this decision is not just what is best for you and your schedule, but what is best for your child and his or her education. Whatever the decision should be, you should always try to play a key role in your child's education.