When Parents Prank, No Child is Safe

Kids are cool. Pranks are awesome. Pranking kids? Really cool and very awesome.

Earlier this week, "Jimmy Kimmel Live" aired a video segment of parents taping their kids opening underwhelming (to put it mildly) Christmas gifts. Several days later, the clip is still buzzing on blogs and social networks. Yahoo! searches on "jimmy kimmel christmas gift" surged 953% on Thursday.

As the San Francisco Chronicle points out, the video has called into question whether this tactic is all in good fun or a case of parents emotionally abusing their children for the amusement of others. Is Kimmel a Grinch?

The clip, which features kids excitedly opening presents, thinking they might be a new toy, and instead finding old bananas, empty juice jugs, and half-eaten sandwiches.

The reactions of the kids are, of course, what makes the video a hit. Some good sports feign interest in their lame gifts. Others look very confused ("It's a hot dog?"), but most either cry or rage at the cruel injustice of it all ("I'm not a girl!" screams one boy, who was given a pink book of stickers).

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