Octuplet obsession update: Do you want Nadya Suleman to go into hiding?

photo credit: radaronline.com
photo credit: radaronline.com

If octuplet mom Nadya Suleman wants to set us straight about her rationale for having 14 kids and her ability to parent them all, why, why, oh dear God, why, does she continue to put herself in the view of video cameras that film her behavior?

The latest catastrophe comes from an interview Suleman and her mother, Angela, conducted for Radaronline.com. In the video, Grandma Suleman calls her daughter "sneaky" (Nadya told her mom that she had a tumor in her stomach, not babies) and "obsessive compulsive," and says that she's "worried about the future" of her daughter caring for a brood of kids.

Nadya Suleman, however, continues her riff about how she has enough love for all of her kids, how she plans to finish school, and how she someday wants write a book about parenting a child with autism.

But forget the words. Pay attention to the body language. Suleman rolls her eyes at her mom like a punky, defiant teenager. The dirty looks are incredible. And it's all caught on camera.

Suleman's father recently told Oprah Winfrey that when Ann Curry interviewed his daughter for NBC Dateline, the new(!) mom was "under duress" because she had just given birth to the octuplets. It's been several weeks since the babies were delivered; there are no excuses for her behavior during interviews now.

Two more new tidbits from Octupletgate:

I'm exhausted just following this story.

Back to the video interviews. Why would Nadya and Angela Suleman allow themselves to be filmed when these interviews always position them both in such an unflattering light? (Okay, fine, I'll say it: Because they're nutters.)

And if she really, truly wanted to just love her kids and be a mom, wouldn't it make more sense to just go into hiding with her family? Visit the newborns, care for them, love them.

But please, Nadya Suleman, we beg of you: GO INTO HIDING.


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