Mom Makes Eleven-Year-Old Shoplift, Leaves Her at Police Station

Shoplifters nabbed at Old Navy
Shoplifters nabbed at Old Navy

What's worse, using your kid as a shoplifting accomplice or refusing to pick her up from the police station when she gets collared?

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On May 19 at about 8 PM, a 49-year-old Michigan woman allegedly filled her purse with about $125-worth of jewelry and clothing from an Old Navy and told her 11-year-old daughter to walk out of the store with it, reports Detroit News. The mother then exited the store with a young boy, and the daughter left separately. Security guards apprehended the girl along with an unidentified 61-year-old woman who was with the family.

According to Local News 4, the child informed arresting officer Lieutenant Bob Redmond that her mother had told her to carry the items out of the store. The girl and older woman were taken to a local precinct where officers contacted her mother. "We called the mother and she denied ever being at the store and claimed she was on a boat, she wouldn't even come and pick up her own child," said Redmond. About two hours later, the mother called the precinct and admitted she had lied but refused to pick up her daughter. The girl was released into the custody of an aunt.

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Police are currently seeking an arrest warrant for the mother for retail fraud, child neglect, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Earlier this week, the Wisconsin State Journal reported that Shequilla Hollingsworth, 23, of Madison enlisted the help of three girls ages 12, 13, 14 to help her steal alcohol and other goods from a Walmart. A security guard caught them with about $180-worth of tequila, vodka, and clothing. The girls were released to their parents or guardians and Hollingsworth was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor and retail theft. She was also banned from Walmart stores for life.

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