The Man Behind the Bullied Bus Monitor's Retirement Fund Has More Good Deeds Up His Sleeve

Since the story broke last week

about the vacation-turned-retirement fund for bullied 68-year-old bus monitor Karen Klein, I've been held rapt by the media attention focused on the story. In case you haven't heard, some tweenies (tween weenies for short) took video while they mercilessly bullied Klein to tears. A stranger named Max Sidorov saw the disturbing video online, and determined to help Klein, set up a vacation fundraiser for her so that she could get a much-needed break from the crap those kids were dishing out.

Goodwill towards Klein has exploded. Aside from the $650,000-plus (and climbing) fund, during an interview with Anderson Cooper, Ms. Klein was informed that Southwest Airlines is flying her and 9 friends or family members to an expenses-paid trip to Disney World.

Better yet, now a second fund has been created, this one by a third stranger in order to help Good Samaritan Max Sidorov who began the fund for Klein. Case Prince, the man who began the fund for Sidorov, writes on the fund's page:

Obviously for being a good guy, but mostly for dealing with all the media attention, phone calls, and putting in extra hours to provide updates here and on reddit, answer questions, and legitimize the whole thing. I bet it's a little exhausting, and it'll only ramp up as the event gets national attention.

Sidorov commented on indiegogo that this gesture was completely unexpected, and he's overwhelmed with gratitude. So that benefactors can get something in return, Sidorov encouraged would-be givers to buy his nutrition guide, 7 Steps to Health, from the Amazon Kindle store.

More funds popped up for Case Prince, but Prince quickly had them shut down, urging givers to donate to Sidorov so that he can use the money to do more good deeds. And indeed, Sidorov has commented on indiegogo:

To tell you the truth, you guys have inspired me to do more, I have some plans in the works to start other big projects to bring positive change to as many people as I can, I'll keep you guys in the loop. There are so many people around the world that need our help!

Sidorov, who was bullied himself as a kid, wants to continue helping people. What a heart-warming story that someone who was picked on, rather than curling up into a ball, chose to reach out and help humanity rather than closing himself off as a way to self-protect. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to find out what happens next in this feel-good saga.

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