Luvs Diapers Ad Reignites Public Breastfeeding Debate. Where Do You Stand?

Luvs' breastfeeding commercial doesn't shy away from a heated topic.
Luvs' breastfeeding commercial doesn't shy away from a heated topic.

Public breastfeeding just got a little more public. A new commercial for Luvs diapers pulls back the curtain, or rather, blanket for moms who breastfeed in public places.

The 30-second spot, created by ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi, begins with a mom breastfeeding her child in a restaurant with a blanket awkwardly covering the act. That was kid number one. Cut to a few years later, same mom, same restaurant, new kid, no blanket. "Hey, up here," the veteran breast-feeder now tells the stunned waiter.

"By their second kid every mom is an expert," the voiceover says, clinching the message that parenting gets easier. But the real takeaway, according to journalists praising the ad, is the promotion of feeding at the restaurant table.

Mom asked to stop breastfeeding in restaurant

"The message that breastfeeding in public is an inalienable right, the confident act of a woman who has been there done that, comes across loud and clear," writes the Miami Herald's Ana Veciana-Suarez, a mother of five.

Since the spot debuted last month, it's been called "incredible" by The Stir and hailed by as a "triumph for mothers who breastfeed in public."

On Luvs' Facebook page, the applause continues.

"I switched to Luvs because of this commercial," writes one a commenter, beneath the 7,000 plus likes the commercial (below) has received.

But this is breastfeeding we're talking about-an issue that's polarized Americans for decades. So don't expect everyone to be patting Luvs diapers on the backside.

"Thanks Luvs for showing off the worst in women," one commenter wrote.

"There is something to be said for a bit of modesty and not putting your breasts out there for the world to see," another added.

In recent years, breastfeeding has morphed into a women's rights issue. Moms have been booted from shops and restaurants, and in some instances, reprimanded by employers for public displays of feeding.

But a growing number of moms feel discretion should come second to a baby's basic needs. And while a blanket or a public bathroom may offer some privacy, that doesn't always work for finicky babies.

"My opinion, if you're offended by breastfeeding you're staring too hard," writes one Facebook commenter in a chorus of supporters on the Luvs page.

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Despite all the praise Luvs has received for the commercial, the company is careful not to pull a Chick-Fil-A with a bold stance. In a statement to Yahoo! Shine, a Luvs Spokesperson refers to research rather than ideology:

"We've found that this spot has resonated quite positively with our community of moms," Tricia Higgins, a company spokesperson told Shine. "The video is based off a true insight about how parenting is different the second time around; and breastfeeding is just one of the many things moms felt more confidant about with their second child."

The spot is a clear score for the brand, which is still recovering from winning the blog Consumerist's dubious title of "The Worst Ad in America" with last year's spot about a baby pooping contest.

If there's something everyone can agree on, it's that there's a lot more to being a mom than changing dirty diapers.