Let the gasping begin: Eloise Suite opens at the Plaza Hotel

Bed sheets are printed with scenes of Eloise scampering around The Plaza, which apparently makes them WAY more fun to jump on.-

Well, it's official: The Plaza Hotel's most famous pretend resident is finally on the real world map. Unveiling its Eloise Suite on Thursday, the New York hotel has turned Kay Thompson's classic children's book into a beautiful, whimsical bedroom, replete with girly furnishings, a pet turtle, and of course, a bawth. Designed by Betsey Johnson, the suite is actually comprised of two rooms-"one for erstwhile Eloises and one for their parents"-and the cost of renting both together will set you back a cool $3040 per night. Not going to happen for you? Yes, well, join the club, but it doesn't stop us from enjoying this slide show of the Eloise Suite which, even if we can't afford it, looks like a pitch-perfect homage to its insouciant namesake. Long live Eloise! (Even if we can't live with her!)