What You Need to Know About Infertility


Did you know that infertility affects one in six couples in the U.S.? That's 6.1 million people! So if you see a baby in your future, take steps to learn more, because fertility awareness is critical to upping your chances of conceiving.

"The need for fertility awareness and education is critical," says reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Meike Uhler from Fertility Centers of Illinois. "I see couples unintentionally hinder their chances of success by waiting too long for treatment, or misunderstanding the impact of age on fertility potential. If couples understand fertility basics, they will exponentially increase their opportunities for success."

According to a recent Fertility Centers of Illinois' public survey, many people are unaware of the truth about infertility. Only 18.2 percent of respondents accurately guessed how many couples are affected by fertility, and 28.1 percent didn't know that fertility declines rapidly in women after age 35. Read More: Most Women Flunk "Fertility Math": Do You Know Your Chances?

What is infertility, anyway? It's simple - couples under 35 who have been trying to conceive for a year and couples over 35 who have been trying to conceive for six months both fall into the category of infertile.

When it comes to the blame game, both men and women are equally at fault, a fact 68.4 percent of respondents weren't aware of. With all of the teen pregnancy shows and celeb pregnancies, it's eye-opening to hear stories of everyday people trying but not being able to conceive. I used to think infertility was uncommon - I had no idea that only 50 percent of couples get pregnant after a whopping six months of trying. That's a whole lot of failed attempts!

There are fertility treatments and plenty of information readily available on infertility. Take the opportunity to educate yourself and spread the word this week - who knows, you might help someone build a family!

Have you dealt with infertility in your life?

Written by Mona Lisa Macalino for YourTango.com.

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