January Jones Eats Own Placenta: Healthy or Ick?

Actress January Jones
Actress January Jones

Most mammals eat their own placenta after giving birth and according to "Mad Men's" Jennifer Jones, more women should try ingesting their offspring's afterbirth as well.

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Speaking at a press junket before the show's season premiere, the actress told PEOPLE magazine that she pops a dehydrated placenta capsule when she's feeling tired or blue. "Its not witch-crafty or anything, I suggest it to all moms!" Jones enthused. Since the 34 year-old single mom was able to return to the set about seven weeks after her son Xander was born, her curious elixir may be working.

There is little scientific evidence to show any benefits to eating placenta, but advocates say that it helps increase milk flow and ease post-partum depression. In a not-for-the-squeamish 2009 video for TIME, reporter Joel Stein documented a "placenta encapsulation specialist" who cleaned, cooked, dehydrated, and ground his baby boy's afterbirth to make pills for his wife. "Its kind of wimpy," Stein quipped, "she should be able to eat it like a steak."

In fact, some moms do eat placenta in its natural state. The Internet offers a host of recipes such as roast placenta, placenta, spaghetti, and placenta pizza. Somehow we don't think Jones's frosty character Betty Draper Francis would approve. Unless perhaps, it was shaken into a stiff gimlet cocktail.

Is this trend wholesome or bizarre? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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