Interview with Actress Leigh-Allyn Baker.

Mommy Tracked

Actress Leigh-Allyn Baker has had many wonderful roles in her life. She's played Hannah Webster on the TV show "Charmed," Ellen on "Will & Grace" and Joy in "The Last Frontier"; had stints on "Hannah Montana, "Yes, Dear," "That '70s Show" and "Early Edition"; been voice characters in "Star Trek" and "X-Men" video games and in the animated series "Back at the Barnyard; was Miss Calloway County Fair Queen in Murray, Ky., where she was born; and most recently stars as Amy Duncan in the Disney Channel's live-action family sitcom "Good Luck Charlie."

As Amy, Baker portrays a mom who returns to work as a late-shift nurse after having an unexpected surprise - a baby - while raising two teens and a tween with her exterminator husband. Of all her roles, it's one she can most relate to - Baker returned to work while still nursing her son Griffin, now 14 months old

Baker, her husband, an entertainment executive, and their toddler live in Los Angeles.


You're a working mother, just like the character you play in "Good Luck Charlie." Obviously, your son is just a baby, but in what ways can you relate?

It's pretty similar to chasing little Charlie [a girl] around, but boys are faster! It's just trying to find the balance between being at work and being at home. That's the biggest similarity.

In what ways has motherhood surprised you?

I didn't know I would love it this much. I thought my days were so busy, how would I ever have the time to have a baby? Then I had him and I thought, what did I ever do before him? I think about a second one and it's, how would I do it?

How do you manage the home-work balance?

I simplify my life as much as possible. I know what I'm wearing Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday … and I make a punch list so no matter what goes on in my life, as long as I put it in the list, I'm good to go.