Holy 16-pound baby: How much did your big baby weigh?

by Jessica Ashley, Shine staff

When the news spread early this week that a women in Texas gave birth to a 16-pound baby, there was a collective crossing of legs and "eeeee" faces on mothers across the country.

After I stopped having sympathy aches myself, I wondered if that child came emerged doing the crossword and shaving, he was so well developed. Baby JaMichael, born to Janet Johnson and Michael Brown, did win the prize for being the largest newborn at the hospital where he was delivered and may have even broken the record for his home state.

But there's more to the story than the obvious football-player-in-the-making jokes, wide-eyed nurse's reaction, and nicknaming the baby "Moose." It even goes beyond the noted scheduled C-section (no kidding). The most fascinating part of this baby's birth is his mother.

Janet Johnson was already a mother of three when she carried and welcomed JaMichael to her family (and size 2T clothes). I don't have any information about the ages or temperments of her other children, but I bet that woman has been working hard.

She also agreed to an interview while still in the hospital bed, clearly exhausted and totally over childbirth. That's commitment.

Finally, Janet Johnson will eventually have to leave the minimal comfort of that hospital bed (if she hasn't already) and her cuddle time with adorable, nummy-cheeked, curly-haired baby boy will build even bigger biceps. He's halfway out of the Baby Bjorn and he hasn't even had his week-birthday yet.

Janet Johnson, mother of Baby JaMichael of record-breaking birth weight, I salute you. And I send you wishes that your little pumpkin is the kind of newborn that does not require being walked around 23 hours of the day and that you get lots more rest in your own bed in the days ahead.

Listen in for the 16-pound newborn's mama's comments that I think we can all totally relate to, no matter how much our own babies weighed.

Did your baby top the average size of a newborn of about 7-1/2 pounds?

Was your little boo bigger than you expected?

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