Gwyneth Paltrow Seeks Genius To Tutor Her Kids

Some say Gwyneth Paltrow doesn't have a clue about the average working mother, and this story in the news will do nothing to change their minds: Paltrow and husband Chris Martin are reportedly seeking a genius to privately tutor their children, Moses, 5 and Apple, 7.

According to The Sun, the celebrity couple placed an ad with for someone to privately tutor their children. And the tutor should have very specific skills. Though the text of the ad was not released publicly, it has been reported that Gwyneth and Chris requested that the teacher should be fluent in four languages: Ancient Greek, Latin, French and Spanish. They also need to be grade 8 standard in two instruments, passionate about sailing and tennis and probably an Oxbridge graduate.

In return, the couple is offering $98,000 per year for teaching just 2-4 hours per day in their London home. The job also includes free worldwide travel when they fly abroad with their kids and all expenses paid.

Is it asking too much from the kids at just 5 and 7 to be taught by a genius and learn Ancient Greek and Latin? Well, dad Chris Martin is not only front man of Coldplay, he also has a top university qualification in Greek and Latin himself, so expectations are high.

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I think it's great that Paltrow and Martin have the means to offer their children the best education possible and any parent who could would likely do the same. But it might be a little grandiose (not to mention impractical) to have the kids learn Greek and Latin while they've barely just mastered writing their own names. Having high standards is a good thing but shouldn't little kids be allowed to be just kids when they're that young?

To read the rest of the story and see a what the ad might look like, visit Babble.

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