Crazy Prom Moms Accused of Lysol Attack, Paying for Kids' Internet Dates

With all concern over what kids are wearing to prom this year, another issue has been largely ignored: crazy prom parents.

Two Colorado moms have been accused of spraying dancing students in the face with Lysol.

Jennifer Farmer and Hannah Rockey, parent chaperones at Manitou Springs High School's senior prom, thought the teenagers were dancing inappropriately, according to Colorado's KKTV local news.

"They were like, 'This is inappropriate,' and they would show what was inappropriate. Then they would say this is what we would rather see," recounted Katie Spurlin, a high school senior at the event.

When their directions weren't heeded, the moms allegedly took matters into their own hands. They're accused of spraying Lysol disinfectant on kids who wouldn't stop dancing. Witnesses also say the moms hurled insults at the girls, calling them "sluts" and "whores." Real nice.

Some students complained the spray got into their eyes and hair, forcing them not only to leave the prom-perhaps to flush their eyes out and seek medical attention, as the Lysol label advises.

The moms first admitted to their actions, according to the police report, but have now changed their statement denying the incident ever happened. Now it's up to a judge to decided-they're scheduled to appear in court this summer.

Overprotective parents will do crazy things, especially on prom night. In another incident reported this week, an unidentified mom named Kathy posted an ad on CraigsList hoping to find "hot male teen" prom dates for her daughter and her daughter's female friends.

When your daughter needs a date, hit the internet, right? Please no.

"My husband and I are looking to hire four prom dates for my daughter and her three friends. All the gals are very good looking, trim, friendly, and fun," read the ad which has since been removed from site.

The mom had some stipulations: "If you are taller than 6feet, good looking, fit and outgoing, please send your photo to me as soon as possible." Being a teen gigolo didn't seem to be problem. She offered to pay $50 an hour for the seven hour job.

It's not like she wasn't going to vet the guys. "You will be required to interview," the ad read. "If selected, you will also need to meet for a one hour strategy session and tux fitting in advance of prom night." No word on whether the positions were filled, but regardless, Kathy's daughter might want to post her own ad. "Wanted: teenage girl seeks new parents."

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