Controversy over Disney's first black princess

The Princess and The Frog, set for release late this year, will be Disney's first animation starring an African American princess . I want to jump up and down on my bed for all the little girls who look as I did as a child, but unlike the girl me, will have a chance to actually see themselves reflected in a fairy tale. Yay for Princess Tiana! Go on, girl!

There is a controversy surrounding this movie, however.

Prince Naveen, the dashing guy who eventually scoops the beautiful princess off of her feet, isn't black. He's apparently white or Middle Eastern. In response to this, some people are charging Disney with being uncomfortable with idea of a black prince, and by extension, "black love" to represent a fairy tale.

Most CafeMoms applaud Disney's move, as are their princess-obsessed daughters, who can look forward to another doll in their collection -- ie the Princess Tiana doll from Mattel, above.

"WOO-HOO!!! I am so glad they finally heard America!" one CafeMom says. "I think it is AWESOME that they are also going to represent colorful relationships at the same time!"

"Racial issues are not even on my list of reasons why my kids won't be seeing this. I don't allow my kids to watch Disney movies for the main reasons that they promote kids to defy their parents and they b------ ize the true and original story lines," says one mom of toddler twins.

"Why can't the prince just be a prince instead of a color? Why can't he be judged by his qualities instead of whether or not his skin tone matches the princess? To me he looks like he could be about anybody, from a lighter skinned black guy to a white guy with a tanning bed in his castle. Hopefully the princess falls in love with him based on his heart and not his skin tone," says another user.

Not everyone feels the same. See the original Princess and the Frog post to find different points-of-view.

And talk more about it with other moms in the CM group ThePrincessandTheFrog .

Do you agree with the CafeMoms? What do you think about Disney's decision not to have a black prince? Issue or non-issue?

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