Breastfeeding Moms Flash Mob Targets

A breastfeeding mom's right to nurse is taking center stage once again.

More than 250 protests took place at Target stores across the country Wednesday as mothers held "nurse-ins" to assert their right to breastfeed their children in public. The protests came after one Houston-area mother, Michelle Hickman, said she was asked repeatedly on Nov. 29 to relocate to a fitting room after she sat on the floor in the women's clothing department to discreetly nurse her 5-month-old son, who was covered by a blanket. Hickman, who organized a Facebook campaign to encouraged the "nurse-in," says she was approached by two female employees who asked her to move to a fitting room. Hickman said one of the employees allegedly commented "you can get a ticket and be reported for indecent exposure."

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"It's not about bullying people or other people and their choices," Hickman told MyFOX Houston. "It's about supporting people and their choices. It's a legal right, and it's my choice to do it that way, and because it's my legal right I shouldn't be bullied."

"Target has a long standing policy to embrace breastfeeding and to make our guests feel as comfortable as possible while doing so," said a Target representative. Tell us: What do you think about moms staging a "nurse-in" at Target stores across the country? Have you ever been "bullied" or disparaged while nursing your child in public? Do you feel it's OK for moms to breastfeed anywhere in stores, or should stores provide more private rooms or locations for nursing moms?

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