Biggest Baby Name Trend of the Moment: Twilight

Parents are naming their babies after vampires and werewolves. Here's how to do it tastefully.

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With Breaking Dawn: Part 1 currently ruling the box office, it seems like everyone has Twilight fever. So why not get some baby name inspiration from the popular book and movie series? We're not joking -- there are a ton of characters in the series, so chances are you'll like at least one of their names. Check out these ideas for Twilight-inspired names -- and if you're embarrassed about naming your kid after a teen romance novel, you can tell your friends that it's just a coincidence!

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Combine Two Names
Okay, it was really weird when Edward and Bella named their kid Renesmee, which is a combination of their moms' names Renee and Esme. (Side note, did anyone catch that funny nod to the unusual name during the movie? Jacob's puzzled face when Bella told him her name wishlist said it all). But, there are some cool names that are combos of two names, like Jackson (Jack and Mason) or Maribeth (Mary and Elizabeth). Or if you have two names you really love (or don't want to make your mom and MIL angry by having to choose), why not use two first names? Lots of people go by both names: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jamie-Lynn Spears or Neil Patrick Harris. You can have it all -- you're the boss (ahem, parent) now!

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Go Vintage
The vamps in Twilight have some old-school names -- like Edward, Victoria, and Alistair -- and we like them! (Of course, this makes sense since some of these bloodsuckers have been around for centuries.) Why not go with a name that was popular way back when too? That means it's an oldie but goodie-- but still pretty unique. Proof? Stephenie Meyer named her main swoon-worthy character Edward, which has been popular with English royalty since the first century and is making a big comeback on popular names lists.

Choose a Crowd-Pleaser
Okay, so some names are super popular, but there's a reason why -- everyone loves them. Twilight has characters whose names have topped the Most Popular Baby Names lists throughout the years: Jacob, Emily, Leah, Jessica and Mike, just to name a few. Who cares if there's another kid in your child's class with the name?

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Reflect Your Heritage
If you've seen the movies you know all about the Cullens, but you need to read the books to know there are also vamps from around the world. The members of different covens have names that show off their heritage, like the Irish vampires Siobhan and Liam. And the Romanian vamps Vladimir and Stefan. And let's not forget about bad guy Laurent from the first and second film -- his name is distinctly French. Look at other countries and cultures' names for some cool ideas -- or celebrate your own roots.

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