As the Texas polygamist sect drama unfolds, how are the children handling it?

Photo Credit: Associated Press
Photo Credit: Associated Press

If you've been following the developments in the Texas polygamist sect case, you're probably wondering the same thing I am: how are the children handling it all?

It's really difficult to get past the reports of the child brides, sexual abuse and teen pregnancies within the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Exceedingly difficult.

But then you have to imagine that when more than 400 kids are dramatically removed from their parent's custody, placed in a temporary shelter and then put in foster care, those kids must be freaked out. Especially the youngest children.

Earlier this week, the Third Court of Appeals in Austin ruled that these children were removed illegally from their families and should be returned to their moms and dads. Twelve children have already returned to their parents and more than 100 other kids are in the wings waiting their turn.

The latest news? Lawyers from the state of Texas believe that when those families are reunited, they pose a flight risk, perhaps leaving Texas to go to other FDLS sects in Colorado and Utah. Again, how are the kids dealing with all of this drama?

In the end, it'll be years before we truly know, probably when some tell-all book or story comes out from some of the kids in the sect. And it includes anything like the photos in Erin's post about the child bride celebrating her first anniversary (the tween is married to
FDLS polygamist sect "prophet" and leader Warren Jeffs), we'll still be shaking our heads.

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