10 reasons you're a better parent than you think you are

We live in an advice-rich age and parenting experts are as ubiquitous as pictures of Angelina and her brood. While information is power, too much information can be debilitating.

When it comes to parenting, sometimes it's nice to remember that many of us, most of us even, know what is right for our kids, without cracking even one book.

Here are 10 reasons you are a better parent than you think you are:

1. You are the best mommy or daddy in the world for your child
- Regardless of what the experts or anyone else says, in your child's eyes you are their one and only. If you can live up to that kind of love and acceptance, you'll be happier for it.

2. You trust your gut - Most of us try not to get too worried or upset by the proliferation of news stories about lead-poisoned toys or tragic stories of kidnapped children, but it's not very easy. When push comes to shove, your gut can be your guide. If you feel more than a tingle of doubt, you'll do the right thing by your child. You're wired that way.

3. You give the best love you know how to give - Love isn't perfect or always kind, but you want to be a good parent and you try every day to be the best parent you know how to be.

4. You feed them every day- Not always meals with enough vegetables or fruit, but you feed them, and you worry about their health. And that makes you a good parent.

5. You smile at them, beam even, and they make you proud - When you smile at your child (and you know you do, often) you are transmitting your love and tenderness. Kids are sponges and they feel every iota of that sweetness.

6. You teach them about wonderful things -- You fill their heads with the wishes of childhood -- Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and other wonderful creatures. Even if they don't believe you, their eyes light up with the spark of imagination.

7. You love them unconditionally, even when you don't like them very much - Most kids know that you love them no matter what. Even when they have tantrums in the grocery store and hit their sister or brother and refuse to eat their dinner. Even then you love them deeply.

8. You comfort them when they're scared - Monsters, bad dreams, and things that go bump in the night hold no power over the comfort of your arms and your murmured reassurance.

9. You want your child to be happy - Almost more than anything else, you want to see evidence that your child is happy, well-adjusted, and secure. You want this for them more than you want it for yourself.

10. You are their one true love - For so many years, you are your child's sun, moon, and stars. You are the keeper of their small open hearts, their only one. This essential truth, when fully appreciated, makes parenting the most fulfilling thing you'll ever do.

Pat yourself on the back, mama and papa. You're doing a great job!!

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