10 Bizarre, Creepy, or Otherwise Annoying Pregnancy Trends on Pinterest

How did we ever make design, food, and photography decisions without Pinterest? Why, back in my day all we had was a slightly terrifying lady named Martha Stewart, and in order to get her advice, we had to buy her magazines or watch her on TV. Uphill, both ways, in the snow!

Now, of course, Pinterest is there to fill the creative vacuum in our lives. We all know Pinterest is the go-to place for party ideas and recipes, but did you also know that it contains a rich treasure trove of maternity-themed photo and craft ideas-and some of them are downright deranged?

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Here are 10 awesomely over-the-top pregnancy ideas to copy (or ... not) from Pinterest:

What ... what am I even looking at, here? FAKE TRANSPARENT BELLY OMG.

Okay, I admit this one's sort of cute, but I'm going to have to deduct points for Ubiquitous Heart Hands. Stop with the Heart Hands, Pinterest!


Aww, what a lovely way to capture this precious stage in their lives.

Wait, your baby is the size of a banana or you're craving a banana? Do keep us posted every single week, though.

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If you didn't serve ultrasound cookies at your baby shower, you should probably just give up now.

Whether or not this is real or Photoshopped, every pregnant woman knows exactly what it feels like to have a body part threatening to burst forth, Alien-style: IT'S CREEPY. I don't look at this and think, awwwww, I think, OWWWW.

Oh my god. OH MY GOD. No words.

Say, a gender reveal cake that involves slicing into a baby's body. Adorable.

Hey everyone, we're pregnant! Also here is something I peed on.

What are your favorite (or LEAST favorite) maternity ideas that you've seen on Pinterest?

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Written by Linda Sharps for CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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