8 Tips for Keeping Skin Hydrated

When your skin is dehydrated, it may appear dull, lifeless, dry, flaky, and even saggy. Water is just as important for skin's health as it is for the rest of the body's. With proper care and hydration, you might solve some of your skin's biggest problems. Follow these eight useful tips to keep your skin hydrated all year long.

#1 - Don't Over Dry
Cleansing or scrubbing your skin too much can actually do damage to it. Over-cleansing can strip your skin's natural oils and throw off its natural balance of moisture. Instead of using harsh cleansers, stick to a nature-based and gentle face soap for best results. Neutrogena Naturals Face & Body Bar is one great product that you can use to cleanse all over without the risk of over drying. With hydrating bionutrients at its core, this bar offers a unique deep clean without sacrificing your skin's own moisture.

#2 - Moisture All Over
When you care for your skin, it's not just your face that needs the help in the hydration department. Use a good moisturizer all over the body. Choose an emollient face cream (oil-free if you have oily skin) to quench your facial skin's thirst, but step it up a notch for your body. Look for deep-moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, or jojoba oil in your body lotions.

#3 - Drink Enough Water
This may sound like a no-brainer, but it bears repeating. You have to have water in your body in order for it to nourish your skin's needs. Be sure to drink your required 7-8 glasses of water everyday to make sure all your body's organs have the moisture they need to operate properly. Your hydrated skin will thank you.

#4 - DO Exfoliate, Just Not to Much
A regular once-a-week scrub is necessary to remove dead skin cells from your face and body, in order to let your moisturizers do their job. Don't rub too hard or use an exfoliator every day, however, or you'll end up overdrying your skin, as mentioned in Tip #1.

#5 - Get Your Vitamin C
This doesn't mean you need to drink orange juice every morning, but rather, that you should choose skincare products that contain Vitamin C if possible. This powerful antioxidant ingredient provides protection for your skin from harmful environmental factors as well as encourages collagen production. With enough collagen, your skin will stay plump and pleasant, locking in its own moisture for it's freshest, healthiest look possible.

#6 - Kick the Habit
You may have a habit or two that is actually hurting your skin and reducing its hydration levels. Smoking, drinking alcohol excessively, and indulging in too much caffeine will suck out all that moisture from your skin. Over time, you'll see the wrinkly, saggy effects for yourself. Cut these factors out of your life completely, or limit these habits to a minimum, for your skin's sake.

#7 - Eat Well
A healthy, balanced diet is the best way to keep your skin healthy. When you give your body the nutrients and vitamins it needs on the inside, the outside will show the effects. Nourish your body with enough natural fatty acids to help skin stay hydrated and elastic.

#8 - Limit Exposure
Finally, exposing your skin to harmful environmental factors can do much to improve its health and keep it hydrated. Some things that can harm your skin's moisture levels include extreme sunlight, intense heat, and bitter cold. As the seasons change, be sure to protect your skin from these elements accordingly and you won't risk losing skin's hydrators to the environment!

Follow these great tips and your skin will look fresh and healthy, just the way it should!

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Content by Stephanie Haddad.