Tell us! What are the best and worst Mother's Day gifts you've ever gotten (or given)?

When it comes to Mother's Day, I've been one lucky mama. Even through a divorce, my mom and ex-husband have rallied to make sure that my little boy has a gift, usually wrapped up in pink paper and bows, that he feels excited to give me. He is opinionated -- usually choosing some kind of jewelry with a heart on it, almost always opting for girly colors he knows I will love -- and the support crew of adults pony up the cash and invest the time so his vision is realized in a bead bracelet or customized t-shirt or coffee mug plastered with pictures of my little boy's smiling face.

Still, I am well aware that the tween and teen years (and beyond) can be brutal for mothers, particularly on Mother's Day, especially for those of us who treasure the papier-mache and macaroni masterpieces and will wear a "best mom ever" necklace every day until our necks turn a disturbing shade of brownish-green.

You only have to look through Shine posts of the past on terrible Mother's Day gifts to find evidence of mamas who have been sorely misjudged, neglected, or done wrong in the form of a shower caddy, text messages, a way oversized NASCAR t-shirt, a chainsaw, a doormat, and even an invitation to an ex-husband's wedding (hear that collective groan of women nationwide)? This doesn't take into account the hundreds of comments about last-minute store-bought flowers. And don't even get the mothers started on kids who send e-cards or completely miss the day.

PEOPLE! This is the lady who grew your brain in her body, adopted you into her loving home and full heart, cleaned up your projectile vomit at 3 a.m., took a deep breath and explained why soap opera kisses last so long and why Michael Jackson's nose looked so funny! A mop won't cut it. A Snuggie isn't funny. And, for the love of cutting your grapes in half and spending hours helping you perfect potty training and clock algebra, something from 7-11 just won't do.

You don't need to spend a lot of cash on her but you do have to do something thoughtful, kind, and thankful. In return, we promise not to fake smile, courtesy-cry, or send a generic thank you note.

In fact, we've heard from many readers who say that a customized photo book or blinged up ear buds (both less than $25) can be the perfect way to be honored. Others say even the smallest break from the whining, laundry, or everyday demands of kid-tending can leave a lasting impression (a real bargain at free, or the cost of a sitter for an hour). While a fancy brunch seems to be hotly debated as a Mother's Day treat, there are definitely the moms who are completely fulfilled with a note carefully penned by a new writer or a big, bobble-headed crayon drawing of the lady of the hour, other moms say their best gift came in the form of spendy bag, dreamy pair of date-night stilettos, gym membership, or a night of pampering far away from the fam.

While the kids, husbands, boyfriends, and partners of America ponder that, here's our chance to sound off once more.

What is the absolute worst Mother's Day gift you've ever been given? And, if you dare, share what the worst gift you ever gave!

What has been your absolute favorite present to give or get? What's the most memorable?

You are our experts on this topic, so comment away. We'll feature the best and worst stories in a follow-up post as a public-service announcement to Mother's Day gift givers everywhere!

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