10 Ways to Pamper Mom

Moms do it all. They cook, they clean, they pay the bills, they change diapers, they take you to soccer practice, they go to PTA meetings, they buy you a nice shirt just because, they put thoughtful notes in your lunch box, they make sure you're prepared for your geography test or your sales meeting, and they often have their own full time job too. It's exhausting just to think about! This Mother's Day let your mom sit back, relax, and be truly celebrated. We've rounded up 10 thoughtful ways you can pamper the mom in your life so she feels like queen for a day.

Cook her breakfast

Wake up early to make Mom her favorite brunch. Kids can pitch in by creating a fruit salad, setting the table, and decorating or making a special centerpiece. Up the ante with hand-designed plates or coffee mugs (head to your local craft shop or try this kit).

Give her flowers
Sure it's cliche, but doesn't mom deserve some flowers as beautiful as she is? Let kids help pick out a florist bouquet or hanging plant for the porch, or select some colorful blooms from your garden and tie them up with some ribbon. Kids can also make flowers out of pipe cleaners and colorful tissue paper.

Be mother's little helpers

You know what Mom would really love? If everyone pitched in around the house. Make coupons for household chores or errands and don't let them go unused. Or let Mom sleep in and surprise her with a spotless house when she gets out of bed.

A spa treatment
Every woman loves a trip to the spa. Pick out specific services you know Mom would love (a massage, a body polish, a deluxe mani/pedi) from your local spa or salon menu or get her a basic gift certificate for her favorite place. Make sure to arrange for a sitter or help with daily tasks so Mom can enjoy her treatment without any stress. To get the kids involved, you could also set up an at-home spa where little ones put cucumbers on her eyes, apply homemade face masks, draw her a bubble bath, or give a foot massage.

Homemade treats
Does mom have a sweet tooth? Round up the kids before Mother's Day to help bake and decorate cupcakes, brownies, or make chocolate-covered strawberries or pretzels.

Make a scrapbook
Compile family photos, letters, mementos, and fridge artwork. Let kids help design the cover and decorate pages.

Have a picnic

Head to the park (or the beach if you're lucky) with a blanket, coolers full of drinks, sandwiches, snacks, and items for a fun family activity like frisbee or a game of catch. Usually mom does the planning, packing, and clean-up, so this time let her sit back and take care of everything.

Make a jewelry box
Pick up a hinged wooden box at your local craft store and decorate with paint, glitter glue, charms, shells, or whatever you think best represents mom.

Embrace your green thumb
Get your hands dirty and have fun with a group project. Plant flowers, fruits, or vegetables that Mom will be able to enjoy year after year. If you don't have a yard or want an easier project, plant her favorite seeds in a hand-painted pot.

Make her feel like a lady
Put together some beautiful soaps, lotions, candles, perfume, or even a pretty journal so she can take a moment out of her busy Mom schedule to be with her own thoughts.

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