Valentine's Day Paper Flowers

Valentine's Day is coming up, so I had gift-wrapping expert Wanda Wen show me a great craft for the kids to make as gifts: a paper flower. It's simpler than it looks.

Wanda's the author of "The Art of Gift Wrapping" and the owner of a paper store called Soolip in West Hollywood, CA. The flowers she helped me make are beautiful - they could work as an activity for either kids or moms! I'm thinking of using one as a gift-topper for a baby shower gift.

To make Wanda's flowers, you'll need square-cut paper, double-stick tape, some tissue paper and a twig or pipe cleaner for a stem. That's it! You can even get creative with the paper: brown paper bags can work great, and the kids can even decorate their own paper w/ paints -- potato printing, perhaps?

If you want to get more creative ideas from Wanda, you can check out her blog at