Parenting Guru: My Wish for You: A Baby


Dear Friend,

I've known you for a very long time. You were with me the day I got married. I was one of your bridesmaids. You given me not one, but two baby showers and I would love to return the favor one day, hopefully very soon.

You and your wonderful husband have wanted a baby for so long. You've tried, you've cried, you've hoped and you've prayed. You've put in your time and smiled through the tears. You've been poked and prodded, hopeful and disappointed.

I don't know what it's like to have to try for a baby. This unknown struggle is one I've only witnessed from the sidelines. While I've never had to feel your pain of desire or yearning and it's painful to stand on the outside; overwhelmingly aware of how little I can do. Just know, I'm praying right along with you for your blessed miracle. The one that keeps you up all night, the one that breaks your heart with worry and the one who teaches you all about living. I wish for your baby to find you with all of my heart.

I know the perfect baby is waiting to bless you at just the right time. He or she is busy with God planning their grand entrance into your lives in the most amazing and unsuspecting way.

Your prayers were meant to be answered. You were meant to be a mom. It's going to happen; I can feel it.

I don't know if the coming year will be the one in which you hold your new baby but I pray for a year of continued faith and perseverance for you.

While your arms remain empty today, they will not remain empty forever. One that fateful day you will finally learn that every tear was worth something and that every disappointment and unsuccessful cycle made you more deserving than the last.

Repeat it with me now, "It's coming" - because it is. Your blessing is coming.

Your friend forever,


Mommyfriend goes by Lori Garcia in real life and is a Shine Parenting Guru. She writes at where she's busy finding perfection in imperfection daily. When she's not watching infomercials she's a blogger for Babble's Kid Scoop, a Lifestyle Contributor for Yahoo! Contributor Network and one of the sexy founders of Project Marriage.