Parenting Guru: A family tradition that rocks

Our family tradition isn't a once-of-year kind of thing. It's become a way of life. Years (and years) ago when my husband and I were first dating, he'd see me starting to get stressed out about something and he'd turn on some music. "Let's dance it out." Within seconds of watching his silly faces and shaking hips, I couldn't help but laugh and feel a little better.

Now that we have jobs, kids, ailing parents and a mortgage, stress is a part of everyday life. But in our house, dancing is too. Whenever someone starts getting grumpy or bored, we turn on the music and dance it out.

Frustrated getting that snug t-shirt off for bath time? The whole family-even Little who's just 22 months-breaks into song and dance. "Put your hands up! They're playing my song and the butterflies fly away!"

Rough day at school? Nothing a little kiddie rock can't cure.

Syrup bottle shattered all over the kitchen floor? Turn it up, then clean it up.

As a mom, my worries go on and on. But fortunately so does the music. Every day I'm grateful to celebrate life's ups and downs with my tiny dancers.

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