Woman Weds on Her 100th Birthday

On February 6th, Dana Jackson celebrated a century of life with about 100 of her nearest and dearest at the Rosewood Health Care Center in Kentucky. An ice cream cake in her honor was frosted with the special message, "Congratulations, you are never too old." But this wasn't your average birthday party, not even for a centenarian: Jackson decided to mark the momentous occasion by marrying boyfriend Bill Stauss, 87.

Stauss never imagined that he would ever wed again, since his previous marriage lasted 55 years. However, Jackson was the exception: "I found one that's just as nice as can be. Treats me good. Like a human being should be treated. It's rare to find a girl like that."

"I feel 50," Jackson told BG Daily News. "I don't feel 100."

This was Jackson's third trip down the aisle, but the first time she wore an engagement ring and traditional gown. Her first wedding took place when she was only 15 years old. She marveled at how much has changed since then: "Gettin' married wasn't a big thing back when I was young. It wasn't no big thing...it was just simple, you know? Just simple...we wore clothes and maybe a bouquet cut out of the yard. It's not what you got, it's what you make out of a marriage," she said.

Jackson's message is timeless, and in the AARP video below, her happiness is infectious, just as with any other bride. But marrying at 100 does have its challenges: The couple sipped grape juice in lieu of cocktails and Stauss had trouble seeing his wife walk down the aisle. The moment didn't disappoint-the husband thought his wife looked "beautiful" when he finally got a closer look.

Watch the touching video here:

-Stefania Sainato

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