Woman has 30 bridesmaids

Choosing bridesmaids can be a tricky task, so when 64-year-old bride Joyce McDevitt got engaged to David, her boyfriend of nine years, she decided the more the merrier. On their big day, thirty women served as McDevitt's bridesmaids. This made for such a long wedding procession the couple reserved a church with two aisles to the altar.

"I had 22 bridesmaids from my side of the family, plus David's two daughters Ruth, 41, and Katie, 30, and his granddaughter," she told the Daily Mail. "David had already asked me to marry him on Valentine's Day in 2009 but I decided I didn't want a big fuss, so I turned him down. But then as the months went by I decided I did want to get married, but the only problem was I couldn't choose my bridesmaids."

Yeah, no big fuss at all. Just 30 bridesmaids. Oh, and two extra ones for backup. "My brother's daughter Louise was heavily pregnant, so I had two bridesmaids on standby to fill her place in case she went into labour early," McDevitt told the Daily Mail. The couple couldn't afford to outfit all the bridesmaids so they had to buy their own dresses. The plus: they could wear whatever they wanted. The minus: the group photos look more like some big hectic family reunion than a formal event. 200 people attended the wedding and an additional 100 came to celebrate during evening festivities.

All chaos aside, McDevitt was thrilled with her decision. "I could have had even more bridesmaids—but I decided that 30 was enough. I had to draw the line somewhere." What's even crazier is that the bride didn't even make the Guinness Book of World Records. Apparently someone named Jill Stapleton of Ohio had 110 bridesmaids when she got married in June 2010. Yowza.

How many bridesmaids did you/would you have at your wedding? How many is too many?

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