Why Boudoir Photography is Hot.

Photo by: Jeanine Brown Photo Design
Sexy Girl-
Get Your Sexy On!

As a professional photographer, (www.jbrownphotography.com) I have received many requests from women to have boudoir photographs taken for their husbands and boyfriends.

What is boudoir photography?

Boudoir photography involves creating intimate and romantic images of oneself, most commonly wearing lingerie. Boudoir is a French term for bedroom, which is an ideal setting for these photographs.

So why are these types of photographs so popular?

Well, mainly because men like sexy photos of women and women like to look sexy for their men (and themselves). Today, women are choosing to express their inner goddess and Get Their Sexy On with classy, sassy photos of themselves in lingerie, or little else. A photograph like this will really spice things up!

Having a boudoir photograph is a rising trend for brides, as these photographs are taken at one of the most beautiful times in their lives. Many brides give an album to their husband on their wedding night. It is also popular to give as a first year anniversary gift, which traditionally is paper.

But are brides the only ones who should get a boudoir photograph? No! Anyone who wants beautiful images made for themselves or someone special should have on done. They make great gifts for Valentine's Day, anniversaries, holidays and are always very well received. Other reasons to get a boudoir photograph include milestone birthdays, weight loss or major life accomplishments. But the best reason of all? Just because!

The Boudoir session is ALL about being a beautiful and sensual woman. My clients leave the studio feeling confident about themselves! Your comfort is most important to me. All of my clients are treated with the utmost consideration and respect. You will never feel anything short of beautiful. I see beauty in all of my subjects, and you are no exception. Feel like you have flaws? I can hide them. I fully retouch each image that leaves the studio, so your outer image reflects the inner you.

Full hair and makeup is included with your session. I work with skilled makeup artists who will transform you into a glamorous siren. The sessions take place in your home, my Sunnyvale studio, or a private location, such as a hotel. After the session you will receive a private link to your retouched images.

And that is when the fun begins…

Book a session today and Get Your Sexy On!