Why 11/11/11 is the Perfect Day to Get Married

Jackie Lebowitz, BRIDES magazi

Luigi Menduni/BRIDES; invitation by RegasNYC.com
Luigi Menduni/BRIDES; invitation by RegasNYC.com


This Friday (11/11/11) is the perfect day of the year to get married-literally. Some cultures believe that a calendar date when all the numbers read the same may symbolize luck and fortune; other people may just think it's kinda cool. BRIDES estimates that 31,000 couples tied the knot on Sunday, October 10, last year (10/10/10)-10 times the weddings that usually occur on Sundays. This year's magic date falls on a Friday, which may mean even more celebrations (we're estimating it will reach 46,000), since everyone will have Saturday to nurse a hangover. This special date could cause an increase in the overall percentage of November weddings (currently at 6 percent), as well as Friday nuptials (which account for 14 percent of all weddings and continue to grow).

"Weddings are milestone events, so it makes sense that couples are attracted to milestone-type dates," says wedding planner Jill Gordon of Jill Gordon Celebrate, in the Hamptons, New York. "It's fun to look back on a significant anniversary date." Plus, it's an anniversary that's easy for, ahem, the groom to remember.

Tara Wilson of Tara Wilson Events, in Dallas, says some brides may even play up the once-in-a-lifetime date of their once-in-a-lifetime moment by making the numeral 1 a dominant wedding motif-think a graphic, repetitive pattern of ones, or lots of references to being "the one" or "#1."

After this Friday, brides will have only one more chance in the foreseeable future for numeric perfection-next year's 12/12/12!

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