Should You Wear a Veil on Your Wedding Day?

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It can add something special to your look and the overall mood of feeling like a bride.

Let's face it, how often does a girl get to wear a veil? Hopefully just once, so you might want to consider this long-standing tradition even if it's just for the ceremony.

However, picking the right veil and (optional) headpiece can be as challenging as finding the right gown. It's always best to try the dress and veil on together to make sure they compliment each other flawlessly.

Keep comfort in mind as well as style. A detachable veil is great if you want to take it off before the reception and it won't ruin your hairstyle. Do a little rehearsal with it in advance to see how easy or difficult it is to manage.

Your hair stylist can help you with this because you might get pinned, lacquered, and sprayed into your veil to be perfect for the ceremony and you will want to avert any unwanted disasters.

A chic alternative to the veil and headpiece is to try fresh flowers in your hair. We like stephanotis blossoms, spray roses and gardenias. Long hair looks fabulous pinned up with flowers tucked into it. Try it out a few weeks before with your hair stylist to make sure it looks exactly as you imagine it to, and take a quick photo as reference to use on the wedding day.