VIDEO: If My Boyfriend's Parents Had an Awful Marriage, is Our Relationship Doomed Too?

As we grow up, there are many things about our parents that we hope we can inherit: maybe it's your dad's sense of humor and your mother's legs. On the other hand, there are also aspects of them that we hope to leave in their generation (that quick temper? No need to pass that down, thanks).

That's why it's worrisome when you witness your parents' bad habits when it comes their relationship. It makes you wonder, "Is that going to be in ten years when I'm married to someone?"

In this video, Spiritual Relationship Expert, Therapist and YourTango Expert, Dr. Erica Goodstone addresses the topic of bad relationship habits being shared from one generation to the next. One of our readers is concerned that her boyfriend's parents and their terrible marriage is going to rub off on her own relationship. A scary thought, indeed.

Dr. Erica suggests that in order to stop history from repeating, this reader should not go into the relationship expecting to change her boyfriend's views on love. See what the doctor prescribes instead by watching the video above.

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