The Top Three Signs that a Man is Ready for a Relationship

The most important aspect in creating a great relationship is being able to recognize guys who are ready, willing and able to commit to a woman.

I believe that the quality of a woman's relationship is directly related to the quality of her choices in screening men. Let me give you 3 signs that reveal a man is ready to commit to a woman.

1) He is interested in more than sex - Sex is an important part of a relationship, especially to men, but it is not the only part. A man who is interested in a relationship with a woman will want to spend time with her both in and out of the bedroom.

2) He is interested in what makes a woman happy - Men have an intense desire to protect and care for their women. A man who is ready to commit genuinely cares about his woman and her happiness. He realizes that in order for him to be happy in the relationship he must take care of his woman and her needs.

3) He includes the woman in his life- A man who is ready to commit to a woman makes sure to include her in his life. He invites her to his family functions and to his friends' weddings. He wants to include the woman in his life because doing so is important to him. This does not mean he invites her to every social event or activity in his life. But, by including his woman regularly in his life he is showing her how important her presence is to him.

The women who are able to screen men effectively are the ones who succeed at creating strong, happy and fulfilling relationships. By using these 3 signs a woman greatly increases her ability to recognize a guy who is relationship material.

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