Top 10 Gifts for Stressed-Out Brides

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Santa, baby: Give us these treats for merry planning (or to help us escape it). Psst- send this list to your family and friends!

1. Gift Cards for Indulgences

Forget about that whole "but they're so impersonal" worry when it comes to gift cards. The real gift you're giving here is a guilt-free shopping spree. To quote the movie Love, Actually-"Something I want, not something I need." If she's living on a budget and skipping little indulgences like lattes as she builds her wedding fund, she's going to love the gift card you get her for the local beauty salon. Now, she can get those mani-pedis. Or, gift one to her favorite clothing store, where she can buy a stylish new top or some trendy necklaces.

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2. Gift Cards for Wedding Details

If your bride is DIY-savvy, consider giving her a gift card to a craft store, which can help her get supplies to make her own favors, wedding programs, or other fun projects. And did you know that many pros like photographers, videographers, and floral designers now offer gift cards for their services? Share this idea with other friends and family members-you might just help make one of her wedding dreams come true.

Get the instructions for DIY ceremony programs!

3. A Wildly Funny Book

The stressed-out bride needs a good laugh, and in her downtime, she can curl up with a good book. If you know that she loves Tina Fey, and hasn't gotten around to picking up Bossypants, there's your gift. Chelsea Handler's collection of best sellers might give her the belly laugh she needs right now. Mindy Kaling's new book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? is also getting rave reviews.

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4. A Boudoir Photo Session

That's right…you're giving the bride a chance to dress up in lingerie, slick on red lipstick and bite on a string of pearls during this steamy photo session that's ultra-popular with brides. According to a recent survey by, over 15% of boudoir photo sessions are given as gifts by friends and family. A professional photographer (avoid amateurs whose ad you saw online!) will work with her so that she gets creative control over her photo shoot, from wardrobe to setting and props. Plus, she gets to floor her groom with the proofs.

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5. Signature Chocolate Bars

Create a sweet gift that's personalized. The bride can log onto and choose her bar's add-ins,anything from Kit Kats to pistachios to edible gold flakes. (I love the Belgian chocolate bar with cinnamon and butterscotch chips!) Each bar costs around $7, so she may be able to make several from your gift card, and share in the fun with her groom.

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Check out the full list for gifts #6 through 10!

What would you like to receive as gifts this holiday season? Share your wishlist with us in the comments section below!

- Sharon Naylor

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