Thoughts About Interracial Love

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For some reason, for a few days I found myself watching the bad talk shows: Maury and Jerry Springer. It was like watching a train wreck but being very entertained. What I noticed during these crazy episodes was that most of the baby mama drama came from interracial couples. While surely most people know these two talk shows are nothing but a hot mess, it still does not prove to be not a good look for interracial love.

Being a girl who doesn't mind dating a cute white boy, it got me to pondering about interracial love. Why is interracial love still so controversial? Yes, it has gotten a little easier, but there seems to be unresolved hostility. The Kardashian sisters were accused of using black sports players to build their careers, while in fact most of the players they have dated were not that famous until they started dating a Kardashian. Whoopi Goldberg was criticized for years about only dating white men; her comment was "I go out with who asks me out."

While some black women have decided to only date black men, it seems there is a new interest in the opportunity to explore men of other races. While interracial dating will not be for everyone, the percentage of black women being unmarried is 41%. Why should a beautiful sister sit at home waiting? There is a long list of beautiful interracial couples that have lasted: Iman and David Bowie, Princess Angela of Liechtenstein and Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein, Sir Michael Caine and Shakira Baksh Caine, Robin Thicke and Paula Patton. The list goes on and on. Also note that the interracial couple, The Lovings, who fought the Supreme Court to legalize interracial marriage in America, were married until Richard Loving's death.

My friends and I always joke that hip hop may have changed the love game. Some white guys who never would have approached a black woman are now happy to show that he is indeed down with the brown. That is not to say that interracial dating does not have pros and cons. The question for you to ask yourself is what matters the most when it comes to finding the person you want to spend your life with. It is a question that has nothing to do with race, but about your goals, morals, dreams, and desires.

If you are on the fence about dating someone from another race, always follow your heart. There is a saying that will last till the end of time "everything is the same in the dark".

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