Pucker up! Kissing has great benefits


Folks go ga-ga over gettin' it in. Smashin'. Knockin' boots. Getting busy. Bumpin' and grindin'. Dancing the horizontal cha-cha. Doing the nasty. Or, for you more traditional types, engaging in sexual intercourse. And yes, there is something to be said for the magic of having your body contorted and your hair all mussed as you huff and puff and sweat it out with the object of your desire. (Phew, is it ever.)

But there's also something so simplistically sexy and genuinely seductive about a kiss. It's so personal and intimate and, unlike the ol' naked hokey pokey, you can do it in public without fear of arrest or YouTube superstardom. Kissing also has a heap of health benefits, though, that are added bonuses to an already good thing. Tilt your head, close your eyes and pucker up - now for more reasons than just a little hot lip action.

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  • Kissing keeps you young. Or, at the very least, young-looking. Studies show that amorous folks use 30 facial muscles to kiss, a sexy workout that tones cheeks and tightens the chin.

  • Kissing relieves allergies. Sufferers say amen! Histamine production can slow during a 30 minute make-out, relieving symptoms like sneezing and runny nose. Instead of reaching for a tissue, go in for a little lip action.

  • Kissing pumps you up. You don't need to jump out of a plane or walk across hot coals to get a rush (insert hefty sigh of relief here). Stay safe and get a nice, hot kiss instead - it creates adrenaline, gets your blood pumping, and lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.

  • Kissing is like a mini-vaccination. Your lip lock triggers the release of antibodies that fight off disease-causing bacteria. And it's a heck of a lot more fun than getting jabbed in the arm with a needle.

  • Kissing is relaxing. That floating-on-a-cloud feeling after getting some sugar is from increased endorphins and oxytocin - your body's built-in feel-good and calming chemicals, respectively.

  • Kissing gives you pretty teeth. Well, that might be a teensy exaggeration, but the spit swapping works to neutralize nasty acids that cause tooth decay and may exchange mineral salts that strengthen enamel.

  • Kissing helps you live longer. Couples who give their significant other a little smooch before they go their separate ways in the morning live five years longer than those that don't.

  • Kissing burns calories. You can melt up to 6 calories a minute during the course of a smoldering smooch, so instead of skipping dessert on a date, kindly ask your beau: are you planning on giving me a nice, long, hot kiss goodnight?

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All healthy stuff aside: what's your most memorable kiss?

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Written by Janelle Harris on CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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