Proposing Marriage on Facebook? Say Yes!


Goodbye Jumbotron proposal. You've been replaced. Allow us to present romance 2.0: marriage proposal via Facebook. It goes against my inner curmudgeon to say this, but this is one old-fashioned tradition that can't be hurt by technology.

Even on Facebook, it's the thought that counts. The first example I've seen popped up on Imgur recently, where the poster covered up names to give the couple a semblance of privacy. The guy asked, the girl said yes, and 11 friends "liked" it.

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Facebook proposal
Facebook proposal

That he used a personal anecdote shows he put thought into this, and her response shows he was right on the mark. With the amount of time most of us spend online these days, it's as appropriate if not more than taking her to her favorite place. Maybe he read about the dad allowed on CafeMom just this once so he could propose to his girlfriend, an ardent CafeMom fan? That dad was just catering to his girlfriend's favorites to create the perfect proposal, and it worked. The same goes for popping the question via social media to a networking junkie.

And before you argue it's impossible to be "personal" on Facebook in front of hundreds of your "friends," it's perhaps the most personal public space there is. We'd see nothing wrong with a man dropping to his knee in the middle of the family's reunion or a crowded restaurant full of strangers. So why not on Facebook, where she's surrounded by the very people she's allowed into her inner circle to see her photos and the status updates on the minutiae of her day.

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Especially in a time when it's hard to bring family and friends together from far flung places for the big moment, this could be the only way to ensure their involvement in the moment if (and this is a big if) that's the sort of proposal she would want. That's what it always comes back to. Whether it's in a sports arena on the big screen, in your bedroom, or on Facebook, the proposal has to be about what works for the two of you.

Hey, if nothing else, you won't have to spend time making all those phone calls to friends and family with the big news. You can spend that time snuggling instead.

Would you "like" a Facebook proposal?

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Written by Jeanne Sager for CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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