The Perfect Timing to Make Your Move

The Right Time
The Right Time
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"What's the rush?"..." What are you waiting for?"... "How come you haven't made a move?"

Any of this sound familiar?

We have all been pressured to do something because of expectations and what society says is right, regardless of if we are ready or not. We all like to move to the beat of our own drum so why the need to conform; why the need to not do what you want?

When we're dating, we never really do know when it is the right time for anything. Here are a few suggestions when it's okay to...

Kiss/Make a move

You never want to seem too anxious. On the contrary, you never want to miss a chance at the golden ticket. Don't wait too long but don't do it right away either. And the survey says: Second date.

Open up…emotionally

If you think it's worth it, why the hell not? Take a chance and let someone into your life. What's the point of hiding anything? Knock down that wall. If it doesn't work out, you'll probably never see that person again anyway. Poof -- on to the next one. Final answer: Right Away.

Hold hands

You're laughing? Initial contact is key, and just like a kiss, it could tell you all you need to know about this crazy little thing you're feeling. Also, like a kiss, make sure the time is right and don't freak your date out by just grabbing them and dragging them across the room. Your honor, the verdict: When your hands aren't sweaty.

Sleep Together

It could happen the first night meeting someone or months down the line. Let that road pave itself. Something like sex should not be planned. Sometimes it's better to wait while other times you simply can't wait. Ding, ding, ding…our winner is: You will know.

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Become Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Only when it goes on Facebook. I'm kidding (Wait, am I?) Like our favorite three letter word, this is nothing you should really plan. If there is a mutual understanding between two parties and no uncertainty present in the equation, go for it. If it's right, there definitely is no rush. At the same time, don't take too long to update that status. After further review, the ruling on the field: A month or two after dating.

Meet the parents

Do me one favor. Don't be like Gaylord Focker and spike a volleyball at your future sister in law. Be smart about this. Meeting family can get very risky, especially if your relationship doesn't work out. Sometimes, it's better to leave family out of the equation…for a little while that is. And the Academy Award goes to: Five months-ish.

Move In Together

In order to spend the rest of your life with someone, it's imperative that you know if you can live with them first. If you're thinking about marrying this special someone, maybe it's time to start discussing bunking up. And behind door number two: Dating at least a year....or if you've been evicted.

Say I Love You

Oh, those three magic words. Unfortunately, "I Love You" is thrown around way too easily. There really is no timeline as to when you'll feel this love we speak of. To sum it up, I think you'll know when it smacks you in the face. This year's American Idol is: When You're in Love.

What do you think? When is it okay to do these things?

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