Most Incredible Wedding Photo Ever?

Nancy and Mike Rogers pose while their wedding plans go down in flames.
Nancy and Mike Rogers pose while their wedding plans go down in flames.

You're looking at a bride and groom who really wanted to get married. The fact that the Nova Scotia hotel where their reception was about to take place crumbled to the ground behind them, didn't seem to matter.

Minutes before they were to walk down the aisle, Michael and Nancy Rogers got some bad news: there was massive fire in the lodge where they were about to wed.

"We came out and the place was in flames. It was indescribable really," the groom told The Canadian Star. The fire is believed to have started in the basement of the 83-year-old hotel, while bride and groom were getting ready in a nearby cabin on the resort property.

This was not a rainstorm, people. The cake and flowers were destroyed. In fact everything they'd set up for the wedding was dissolved into ash. But as 10 fire trucks battled the blaze, they were just happy everyone was safe and evacuated from the resort (the bride's dad was practicing in the wedding hall when black smoke engulfed the room.)

"Our wedding photographer had been teasing us for weeks that he had never shot a wedding where it rained," Nancy said in an interview with the National Post. "At some point he said: "Don't you wish it was raining?"

The hotel re-routed guests to a nearby venue that wasn't on fire, and though they had to scream their vows over the sound of sirens, Mike still welled up when he saw his bride walk down a make-shift aisle.

"We lost all of that stuff, but that's not important to us. We got the most important things," says Nancy.

They also got the most incredible bridal photograph every produced without a green screen.

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