It's "Mistress Day"! 5 Signs He's Cheating

By Authors Sterling Anderson and Stephanie Dart for

Is he cheating on me?...
Is he cheating on me?...

Valentine's Day is all about love and romance, but what about the day before... Feb. 13? Some call it "Mistress Day" for the married men who spend that day making their girl on the side feel special.

There are some signs that can show your man is stepping out, during the holiday of love or any day in the year. Knowing them may save your marriage, your self esteem, and your valuable time that could be spent loving someone else. As a former cheater myself-- I am the expert on the things men to do keep their affairs hidden... and I am sharing then with you.

5 Signs He's Cheating

1. A Make-over: Take it from me, when I met a younger woman, I had to drop 10 lbs and 10 years. Men who change their habits, their lifestyle and their physical self can be showing you they are changing for someone else. Going to the gym, buying new 'hip' clothes, buying a motorcycle, wearing pukka beads, even listening to different music are all telling you something might have happened to make him want to be a different person.

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2. No Sex: "I don't want sex." means, "I don't want sex with you." Men who repeatedly refuse sex with their partners have another source. Especially if this is a new change in habit. Everyone can have a headache or be so tired at the end of the day sex is the last thing they want, but not for long. If he ignores your advances, flat says 'no', or starts sleeping in another room, pay attention. Most likely he's getting sex from another woman... or another man.

'Does He Cheat?'
'Does He Cheat?'

3. Thai, Swedish, Japanese Massages:

This is what cheaters believe-- any action from a pro isn't cheating. Many men we interviewed felt that you can't cheat if you are paying. They liked professionals because they never expect a call, or flowers sent after. It's a business transaction.

Most women would disagree and feel that any sex with any other person outside the supposed monogamous relationship is cheating; and it's dangerous! Sexually transmitted diseases, hepatitis, and an array of other infections are probable and harmful to the partner. Women should bring it up in conversation and be clear with your definition of cheating so he knows how you would feel and what the consequences would be.

4. Too Drunk to Drive: If you hear this: "I'm responsible enough to call and say I'm not coming home when I'm drinking" it could be a warning sign. Your man may sound like he's being mature and knows when he shouldn't drive, but don't fall for it. Especially if he's with buddies who are know philanderers. If he calls and says, "Honey, I've had a few too many and I'm just going to crash here" answer back that you are on your way to pick him up! His response (probably a sober one) will speak volumes telling you if he had other plans or if he appreciates the care you give him.

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5. Golf: It's a sport that means hours away from home. For cheaters, pretending to take up golf gives them a 6 hour hall pass to be gone without questions. There's even a built in excuse NOT to say in touch with you-- phone calls on the links are bad form.

Offer to learn the game yourself. Go with him and drive the cart. Meet up at the clubhouse after the game with the other wives or girlfriends. If he said he was golfing with a friend you know, ask that person next time you see him how the game was. If you have your suspicions, investigate his gear when he gets home for grass, mud, sweaty towels, dirty clothes. They will tell you if his game was a good walk spoiled or some other location.

Of all the human conditions the most frightening is not poverty, war, or famine. The most frightening human condition is to be alone. It is far easier to keep heads buried than to confront your partner and risk being left. But following these signs could help you take your head out of the sand and stop ignoring obvious signs that something is amiss.

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