How to Meet "The One" While Running Errands!

Too busy to find love? Think again! Dr. Drew's Lifechanger and Sexpert Simone Bienne says you can bump into "the one" when you least expect it, and that includes while you're running your errands. Here are 9 tips -- from what to wear, to where to go -- to increase your chances of finding love today!

9 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Meeting 'The One':

Grocery Shopping
Men have been aware of the 'pulling potential' of grocery stores for years, so here are a couple of tips to finding love there. When you see a hot guy pushing a cart filled with family portion style meals, forget him. He's not single. He's likely to be a well-trained husband. Single guys carry baskets and hang around the frozen pizza aisle! That's where you want to linger too! Strike up a conversation. It doesn't matter how trivial. Even saying "there's so many choices… what do you recommend?" can lead to a first date.

Walking the Dog
As a dog owner, you know dog owners talk to each other. Often you can bond instantly over your passion for pooches. Use your dog as an excuse to meet guys in the park, and take it from there! Say how "cute his dog is." He'll take it personally, because as a dog owner, they will often see their dogs as an extension of themselves! If you haven't got a dog, don't let that hold you back. Take the lead and maximize your dating chances by borrowing a friend's. Even better, walk one home with you from your local rescue center.

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Doing Laundry
When you're at the laundromat, if you see someone you like, go back at the same time the next week. As most of us are creatures of habit, it's likely you'll see them again, and the more you see each other, the more likely a conversation will spark. Studies show Saturday mornings and Sundays are when most men do their laundry, so save doing yours until then. Just make sure he doesn't see your oversized, comfy panties (you know the ones!) before the first date!

Grabbing a Cup of Coffee
Thanks to Wi-Fi people are spending more time in coffee shops. Instead of doing your usual grab and go, write your email at the coffee shop instead. Drinking a lot of coffee means you will need to pee! Ask him to watch your stuff while you visit the bathroom, and there's your "in" to strike up a conversation!

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At the Bookstore
When you're single, you read more. So instead of ordering the book you want online, go into a book store and buy it. While you're browsing, check to see if there's more than a bestseller you fancy devouring!

Where Ever You Go, Walk 'The Walk'!
Men find a woman's walk sexier when she adopts the natural human stride, a loose, gentle gait and swinging arms. Walking this way won't just make you look hotter, you'll also feel sexier and more confident. The Walk also makes your body seem more voluptuous -- a subconscious turn-on for guys!

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Dance Class
Most classes have a policy of asking every one to alternate partners, giving you a good chance to get up close and personal with different men. Relax and let your body do the talking. If there's chemistry between you, you'll know. It will feel like foreplay… only with your clothes on. When it's time to leave, ask who wants to go for a drink. Most of the singles will say yes.

Set Up Your Own Singles Night
Choose a bar where you can section off an area. Then ask your single friends to send details to their extended circle of friends. Why not? You've got nothing to lose, and everything to win. This shameless drive to be proactive is exactly how I met my husband, and who knows, it could be how you meet yours too.

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And Finally, Always Wear Makeup!
I know. Some days you just can't be bothered. But make the effort if you want to find love. Keep your lips a natural shade and concentrate on your eyes. Scientists have found out that men are more attracted to women who wear eye makeup, because it highlights and enlarges the eyes. And smile. Most single, healthy and decent men won't be able to resist approaching a woman who is wearing a warm and inviting ear-to-ear grin!

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